Earn Cash for Simple Tasks: 6 Websites That Pay You for Quick Work

Nowadays internet is a treasure trove for people who want to make money online. There are so many websites where you can get paid to do short tasks. Most of these websites offer different types of small and easy micro tasks for users to work and earn money.

These short tasks can include anything from taking surveys to editing pictures to watching videos and more. There’s is enough work for everyone and the best thing is that anyone familiar with the internet can do it.

Working online on small tasks is one of the best and quickest ways to make money. Users can make their own schedule and the work is mostly flexible. Also the tasks aren’t too hectic and the pay varies according to the nature of tasks. To save your time searching for the best sites, we have complied a list of top six websites through which you can earn money.

Here’s a list of Websites that pay you to do easy short tasks:


Mechanical Turk is basically an online market place that allows its users to complete small tasks and make money. The tasks that users perform are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Mturk works by connecting the requester with workers who complete these requested tasks for a fee specified against each HIT by the requester. The more you work on HIT’s accurately, the more your ratings as a worker will increase and eventually increase the likelihood of getting more tasks.

Payment Details
Mechanical Turk has the following two payment methods which are Amazon Payments account or Amazon gift card. The minimum amount you can withdraw from your account is $3. You can then transfer your earnings from Amazon payments account to your bank account if you are living in the U.S. Another important thing to note is that for international workers, you can receive your earnings in the form of Amazon gift cards. Mechanicalturk


Remotasks.com is a crowdsourcing platform where users can get paid for performing and completing simple tasks. These micro-tasks include tagging images, audio transcription, data collection, etc. Anyone can work on Remotasks, however, the only requirement is to be fluent in English. Users can unlock more tasks by giving small tests/exams. The more exams you take the more micro tasking opportunities will be open to you. To know more about Remotasks check out their FAQ page.

Payment Details
Remotasks pays its users through PayPal. The payment for each task varies according to the complexity of the task. The payment rate can range from $1-$3 per hour and the minimum payout is $5. Payments are made weekly.remotasks


Clickworker.com is a website that enables users to earn online by performing tasks that are available on the website. The tasks range from simple online surveys to writing an essay to categorization and tagging etc. The users can work through a web browser and may select tasks based on the price offered. To know more about Clickworker check their FAQ page.

Payment Details
Clickworker pays through Paypal on weekly basis from Wednesdays to Fridays. The minimum payment threshold is $1. Users can earn anywhere from a few cents to two-digit sums.


Rewardy is a rewarding chatbot that offers gift cards for completing simple tasks right from your favorite messenger application. The tasks include downloading apps, watching videos, etc. The app is designed to be an all-in-one assistant, allowing you to explore new awesome games and apps and to get points for using them.

Payment Details
Rewardy pays its users through gift cards. Users can redeem their points for gift cards for top retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal cash, and other merchants.


The Smart Crowd is an online freelancing platform that provides its users with a variety of small tasks. These tasks include data entry, research work, translation, etc. The small tasks are pretty easy to do and are mostly standard stuff. The best part is that the platform allows you to work any time and anywhere by creating your own flexible schedule.

Payment Details
The company pays its workers through Direct Deposit, right into your bank account. The rates for different tasks are set and you are paid after the completion of the tasks. Normally, they pay you 20-60 cents per 1000 keystrokes. A user can make about $50 or more on average per month working here.


FigureEight is a data collection and data mining company that offers a data enrichment platform for their clients from all over the world. The company offers a great opportunity for users from all over the world to join their system as a contributor. You can make money online by doing micro-tasking and completing simple data-oriented tasks.

Payment Details
FigureEight pays its workers through Paypal. Users can apply to become a contributor from anywhere and get work online. The payment for each task varies according to its difficulty.

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