Etsy Design Challenge: Make A $47K Product With Canva

Etsy Design Challenge: Make A $47K Product With Canva:  #learnontiktok #makemoneyonetsy #printondemand #printifytoetsy #canvatips In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create Print On Demand candles that you can sell for a profit to earn money on Etsy. As part of this tutorial, I also set myself a challenge: could I create a similar candle, to a candle which is estimated to have made $47,294 on Alura.  To do this, we will use 3 different websites & apps:

1) We will use Etsy as the ecommerce website that we sell them on.

2) We will use Printify as our Print On Demand app that we use to create & sell the candles.

3) We will use Canva as the app we use to create the design that we will print onto them. First, come to Etsy and get inspiration for what funny candle you’ll create. I never recommend copying other people’s products: I always recommend creating your own unique product that fills a gap in the market. So I used the products there as inspiration to create my own unique funny slogan that nobody else was selling. Next, come to Printify.

You’ll find a range of homeware items you can print designs onto to then resell to earn money, including a range of candles.

  • I picked a candle and then downloaded from Printify the printing area to use. Then, I went to Canva. I created a canvas that was the same size as the printing area for my candle. And then I did the following things: 1) I dragged and dropped elements & text boxes onto the canvas.
  • I added in my funny slogan.
  • I chose a trendy vintage font pre-installed in Canva.

4) I used the line spacing tool to decrease the size between the letters and lines of text.

5) I made sure the elements were centered in the label. I then uploaded it to Printify to create my own unique Print On Demand logo, ready to be sold on Etsy 🌞 Challenge completed!

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