google digital garage module 16 answers

Google Digital Unlocked Module 16 Answers 2023 – Get Started with Content Marketing

Google Digital Garage Module 16 Answers 2023 –Get Started with Content Marketing: In this post I will share with you fundamentals of digital marketing module 16 answers.

Google Digital Unlocked Module 16 Answers

Get Started with Content Marketing

Question 1
Which of the following is an accurate definition of what a content marketing campaign involves?

The creation and promotion of online materials with the goal of increasing interest in a product or service

Question 2
What does the following definition describe? ‘The division of an audience into groups of who they are and what they like, with a goal of identifying a group most interested in your product/service.’

Audience segmentation

Question 3
Fill in the blank: When describing the purpose of content, what is missing? ‘To entertain, to inspire, to _ and to convince’.


Question 4
Which of the following best describes why approaches to writing need to be adapted for online content?

Online readers have a reduced attention span, due to being flooded with information

Question 5
What are ‘highlighting key dates’ and ‘considering multiple channels’ best practices of?

Creating a content calendar

Question 6
Which of the following metrics could help you understand which blog post is resonating the most with your audience?

Session duration

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