Google Digital Garage Module 26 Answers – Expand internationally

Google Digital Garage Module 26 Answers 2023 – Expand internationally: In this post I will share with you fundamentals of digital marketing module 26 answers.

Google Digital Garage Module 26 Answers

Expand Internationally

Question 1
What is the best way to translate the content on your website for a new market?

Native speakers

Question 2

Before starting to promote products to other countries online, what could you use to gauge demand for your product in that specific market?

Keyword planning tools

Question 3

When adapting your website for customers who speak a different language, what should you do?

Translate your content with consideration to particular words and phrases

Question 4

Which of the following is primarily meant to target new customers online?

Search advertising

Question 5

What should a business do first, when considering going into a new market?

Answer: Determine its ability to deliver products and review all tax and legal information

Question 6
When selling to people in different countries, what payment form should you consider using if you aren’t already?

Paypal or Worldpay

Question 7
Which of the following options is important to research when planning to expand delivery of products and services to customers across the globe?

The legal and tax considerations in that market

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