gotranscript audio test answers 3rd september

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 3rd September 2023

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 3rd September 2023. Get Regular GoTranscript Audio Test Answers. 

Here Is The GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 3rd September 2023

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2: Okay. Well, Steve, I’d like to ask you how your day was, I understand you had some problems with a machine, can you tell me about it? Well, I do the dishes or just start talking.

Speaker 3: So how between the balancing machine, we found out that the low sensors on the left side or in white side of both work by swapping the cables like the indication on the screen still shows no load values and grounds on the left side. I inspected the circuit board. See if there isn’t loose connections on the current load Louisville is in connection with an error signal to actually show you anything this is trying to show us something that is not the correct value. And coupled with that, the the timing on the weight and balance, I’m going to show you that 90 degrees off axis chizzy to zero degrees 12 o’clock. At zero degrees at 12 o’clock, we put that out there. And it shows you that 90 degrees instead of zero, and if I put them at 90 degrees, it shows 180 degrees, etc. So there’s a definite problem with the calculation. So we need to get Hoffman America out there to do a calibration on the units. Or at least look at it but since I think the data acquisition board is having a problem. We’ve actually looked on eBay account on a low price. It will still need to be calibrated. Regardless,

Speaker 2: Let me interrupt you to ask you a quick question. How much do you think that this might cost the company to get the service takeout?

Speaker 3: They quoted us? $4,000. Okay, and the board might be out of 2020 500 on top of the service tech company out so it might be 6500 $7,000. Wow, I could buy a nice used Toyota. Yeah,
maybe good.

Speaker 2: Actually, some places you can get a nice car with a Celica or an Edsel?

Speaker 3: That’s working maybe not?

Speaker 2: Well, you know, we can dream Can’t We?

Speaker 3: You know, to dream, the impossible dream, finding a card that works breakouts dollar, nine, nine out of 10 car lovers, so we’d love to have an excellent working conditions.

Speaker 2: So I’ve heard from Jay Leno’s Garage.

Speaker 3: I didn’t hear that before. I’m sure I’m not one of the nine that I met should be the one out of the 10. That doesn’t. Sort of the nine other people that do be well thank you for telling me all about your day.

Speaker 2: And I’m sure that the future transcribers of GoTranscript will appreciate it as well.

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript

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