GoTranscript Audio Test Answers January 22, 2023 – Today Audio Transcription

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers January 22, 2023

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2: Many of you have complained that by audios are difficult to hear. I see you and I hear you. Today’s audio will be as clear as mud and just as helpful. Mud after all can actually run clearly, at least in the mountain streams of Furthermore, or in the health-giving scars transcript. Every merchant alive defines his Smashburger account in encouraging the at advantages to grabbable from an expensive export of its produce to the East and West Indies. South America, the Brazil’s, and especially them good folks in Russia, where Balclutha is in great demand. Large quantities are annually sent there from GoTranscript at a much higher rate, it may be presumed than we could afford to supply them from this country.

I still remember the good old days when I was just a little sprout roaming the field of wild marijuana in central Kansas. Why do they call them farmers are so happy, it ain’t just the sunshine Googler all those cuts these considerations United seem forcibly to recommend given the breweries out back at GoTranscript every possible encouragement and extension? It is about justice the state of the brewers of New York deserves much credit for the improvement they have made to the quality of their MT liquors within a few years which seems to justify the hope that they will continue these advances to excellent skill you’re starting to annoy me here at GoTranscript just so as you know though, when the barley is remained in steep the necessary.

Water is led off by plug hole at the bottom of this wooden strainer on the inside of the hole in the barley is done been sufficiently strain it should be let down by a plug cold the bottom of the speaker into the frame on the lower floor in April or join into it which will be heaps better. Everyone one of the Michigan a church ladies I ever met knew exactly where the church kept at every time. If you want to know where the good stuff is just ask Dana kabhi Meanwhile at GoTranscript we’re sitting pretty with our homemade still now 30 years ago Oh was it for seems like just yesterday. Anyway, back a while ago before them all learn maths came along. We used to wear lipstick. Remember all the colors sky? When Amber. Evening crash rain forest GoTranscript editor always rain the seed black. Millions of more colors can exist in nature. Dena Dietrich could not be amused.

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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