How I Made $2000 in 3 Month from Clickworker UHRS in 2023

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I started Clickworker a little less than 3 months ago and I have cashed out almost $2000 from the site working 7 to 10 hours/week. 


Getting Started!

Sign up using the links I provided above. Use my ref if you are feeling generous 🙂 It takes about an hour to set everything up and start earning on UHRS. You will need internet explorer browser for the signup process.

Make an account on Clickworker and fill in the basic information. Go to Payment details and input your Paypal email address. If they ask you for a Tax Number, select ‘No’ in ‘I am a commercial/freelance’, leave the tax number box blank and click on Save. You get paid just fine without that as well. Screenshot:

A couple of users pointed out that if you are from the US, you have to provide SSN.

Important: In your CW profile, add ‘English’ as Native Language for both written and verbal.

After that head straight to assessments. Under base assessments you will see ‘Placement Test-English’ and ‘Qualify for Address Project’. If I recall correctly, the two other assessments(Qualification for UHRS I and II) show up only after you have completed the first two assessments, but I may be wrong. If you get the UHRS assessments available without even doing the first two, go for them! You may need to verify a phone number before you can access UHRS.

  • Placement Test-English: Contains about 30 very easy multiple choice questions on grammar. Everyone reading this guide can pass this easily!
  • Qualify for Address Project: A little trickier than the first one. Contains about 5 questions. Read the guidelines they provide and you can pass this without any trouble. Basically you get a URL for a company, visit that URL and research contact information for them. You need the Company name, address, phone/fax number, name of CEO/Director. Make sure to read the guidelines about the address as they are very particular about street suffix.
  • Qualification for UHRS I: This is a combination of the first two assessments. You get about 70 questions, 4 or 5 are Address research and the rest are English language questions. Do this carefully as this is non-repeatable.
  • Qualification for UHRS II: Congratulations! You are already done with the hard part. Part 2 is just making a LIVE ID to access UHRS. They will walk you through the process with simple guidelines. Make sure to save your LIVE ID or write it down as it could be problematic to retrieve it if you forget it.

I think that’s it with Clickworker, time to make some money on UHRS!


You can access UHRS in Clickworker by clicking on “Compare Web Search Results” job and then logging in with your Live ID. OR you can login directly to UHRS via this link:

You will need to complete qualifications for each HITapp before you can start earning money. Qualifications are one time/HITapp and you do not need to do them again if the HITapp comes back again after a couple of days.

Be careful with your answers on the qualifications as you only get a fixed number of chances to complete them. If you fail the qualification you will not be able to work on that HITapp! Follow the guidelines for each HITapp and do the ‘Preview’ HITs if available, as the qualification HITs are sometimes the same as the preview ones! Once you pass the qualifications you can click on ‘Start Judging’ and raking in cash.

Some tips for HITs:

  • Follow the guidelines! HITapps on UHRS are really simple and you can easily get a hang of them by reading over the guidelines.
  • Try your best to pass the qualifications for every HITapp. Take your time to think about the answer, skip the HIT if you think you might be wrong.
  • Work accurately! Start out slow and learn how the HITapp works. Skip the HITs if you think you might be wrong. They sneak in ‘test questions’ in your HITapps to make sure that you are still paying attention to the HITapps and not clicking randomly! If your spam score falls below their allowed value, you get kicked out of the HITapp for the day. You can work on the HITapp the next day but if this happens 3 times, you get banned from the HITapp. You can still access and work on the other HITapps.
  • Some of the HITs are very biased, and you may get frustrated if it keeps marking your answers wrong. I would say dont bother with those HITapps as providing incorrect answers affects your spam score(explanation below).
  • Jump on the >$0.03 HITapps as soon as they become available. They dont last long!

Under ‘My reports’, you can check the work you have done. ‘Valid Judgements’ are the number of tasks that you answered correctly. Under ‘quality report’ you can see your spam score. It starts from 1.00(perfect) and decreases with wrong answers. You get kicked out of HITapps if it reaches .75(this value is different for every HITapp). The spam score resets every Sunday! You get a fresh start if you were having a bad week.

And now for the most important part:


The first payment takes 21 days, after that it is weekly. The money in your UHRS account transfers to Clickworker every Sunday/Monday. It becomes payable 3 weeks after that, transferred to your Paypal account on the next Wednesday/Thursday. There is no fees/charges. What you see in your CW account is what you get in Paypal.

Example: You signed up on 1 July. You made 100 bucks and on 6 July(Sunday) your Clickworker account got the money. It is payable on 27 July(3 weeks). It transfers to Paypal on 30/31 July(Wed/Thur). Similarly, the next payment for the second week comes on the next wed/thurs.

And that’s it folks! I hope this guide is helpful to many of you and you can make some serious side cash on CW!

Edit: If you have any questions, or feel I left something out of the guide, please let me know! Thanks for looking 🙂

Edit 2: Fixed info about Tax number. Also if you don’t see many jobs in UHRS, just give it some time. It has been a little slow but it is picking pace now.

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