How to Crosspost on Reddit

How to Crosspost on Reddit App – Mobile – iPhone 2023

How to Crosspost on Reddit 2023? A Reddit crosspost, or x-post for short, is a way to share posts from subreddit to a different Subreddit. If you’re thinking about cross-posting on Reddit, you need to keep in mind the difference between cross-posting and linking to an existing post. However, just like cross-posting, you need to make sure you have authorization to linking to an additional post in the same or a different subreddit. As with cross-posting, you need to confirm that you have consent to link to another post to the same subdirectory or in a different subdirectory.

How to Crosspost on Reddit Step By Step Tutorial 2023

In this section, you’ll be able to see if subreddit rules prohibit you from linking or cross-posting here. Before you cross-post, be sure to read the rules for the subsection you’re cross-posting.

Here Is The Steps on How to Crosspost On Reddit App

  • The first rule of cross-posting is that you must be a member of the subsection you wish to cross-post. From the Create Crosspost menu, select the subreddit you want to crosspost to.
  • From the “select a community” menu, choose THE subsection you want to publish to, then select the “Publish” option. Once on THE SUBREDDIT PAGE, Choose THE POST YOU needs to publish.
  • On the subreddit page, open only the specific post you want to make. To get started, use the search bar to open the Reddit mobile app and find the subreddit that contains the post you want to cross.
  • Through opening the reddit website as well as go to the subreddit page. You can use the Reddit search bar to access the subreddit.
  • Make a post on the default subreddits that are listed at the top of the Reddit main page.
    To comment on Reddit, all you need to do is open a post and choose a text editor.
  • All comments will be tagged through your reddit username as well as new users will be capable to reply to You. Then press the share button below the post and choose crosspost on reddit.
  • Once approved, the same post will appear in the new subreddit as a post tagged Crossposted by. Cross-posting helps you share the same post in different communities with the post’s original attribute, author, and subreddit where it’s posted. A crosspost contains the user of the crosspost, original author, original subreddit, points, number of comments, and a link to the original post.

How To Crosspost on Reddit Mobile 2023

You can post any content, text message or link from a subreddit or homepage. Even if the same content or message is the same, you can post to multiple subreddits at once (sub-sections). Cross-posting going on reddit worth submitting the similar post to several subredditS. While we discuss about cross-posting, we’re referring to the process of posting the same post on different subreddits on Reddit.

In contrast, cross-posting refers to posting content to a completely different subreddit. Reddit reposting differs from cross-posting in that reposting means submitting the same post to the same community. Reddit cross-posting rules and cross-posting etiquette vary across subreddits.

How to Crosspost on Reddit? You need to make sure you understand the rules before posting, as cross-posting on a subreddit that doesn’t allow it will result in your post being removed and may result in a ban. Cross-posting to a subreddit that doesn’t allow you to do so, using default, remove your post as well as might result in a ban.

Depending on how many reddit karma you must as well as the subreddit the aforementioned, you won’t be able to post until you earn reputation, so check it out first. Liable continuously how much reddit karma you obligate as well as the subdirectory itself, you won’t be able to cross-post until reputation is built, so take a look first.

How to Crosspost on Reddit iPhone 2023

If you’re using the old Reddit interface, choose crossposting in its place. Since the fresh cross post menu, as of the choose community drop-down menu, choose the subreddit you want to cross post to. Press the “choose community” button as well as select the second subreddit where you want to publish this post. in the search bar, find the subreddit containing your future crosspost.

Enter the title, the URL of the content you want to post, and fill in all other fields that depend on the subreddit. you can using a exceptional title for each post to ensure they are relevant and draw attention to Reddit. Name your post and add some description if needed.

How To enable cross posting on Reddit?

Don’t forget to like then promote the posts you like, and if other users like your posts, you’ll earn Reddit karma and reddit gold in the procedure. reddit is one of the most trusted platforms where you can freely share your post BY SEVERAL SUBREDDITS. REDDIT IS ONE OF THE MAXIMUM important platforms with thousands of different communities (called subreddits) that you can post to.

Unfortunately, Reddit isn’t for everyone if there aren’t promising subreddits on behalf of you. However reddit and facebook may not be particularly friendly, you’ll be happy to know that reddit takes a very humble channel that allows you to post your Reddit content to your Twitter feed with just one extra click. You should note that some subreddits are greyed out, which means you cannot cross-post about them.

You can create a Reddit x-post by self-submitting a copy of the post to another subreddit (the old method) or by using the cross-post option described below. You also need to understand the right to repost or cross post under Reddit’s rules.

Some subreddits require minimal karma to post, including cross-posting. Some places require a certain amount of karma to post. a list of moderators on behalf of each subreddit can be found in the subreddit rules.
After completing all these steps, just click the “Publish” button on the upper right place of your phone screen.

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