How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data

How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data – Shortcut Virus Remover

Here we will introduce you some simply amazing methods on How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data.

  • Now we will express you some easy ways to remove a virus shortcut from a Pen drive without removing files.
  • Uncertainty you are overcome by entirely the exceeding commands or else don’t have enough time to follow these methods, you can remove the virus shortcut online for free using reputable antivirus programs.
  • People who are looking for ways on How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data from a computer, drives, and disks permanently without data loss will find successful solutions here.
  • There are many free and paid antivirus programs that will Automatic Deleting any present virus on your pen drive.
  • If the above steps or commands didn’t help to remove the virus from this drive, just use good and reliable antivirus software widely available in the market.
  • Here in this article, we will tell you how to remove any type of virus from your flash drive using antivirus software with some commands that you will need to enter yourself.
  • Dissimilar kinds of viruses need different techniques to remove them, but you can always try the easiest way to remove it first.
  • This type of virus can be classified as a Trojan virus because you won’t know that your PC’s USB drive contains virus shortcuts and can be called a worm because it will come back once you restart your computer.

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How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data Step By Step Guide

How to remove virus from pendrive? When a drive becomes infected with a virus, every time we insert a USB drive into the system, the virus files start running and infect our system.

The antivirus scan will initiate a full scan and your antivirus will show a report if there are any other infected files or viruses on your virus-infected USB drive. It will list all the files present on the drive, including the virus infecting our drive.

How to Remove Virus From USB Using CMD Command

How to remove virus using cmd attrib: It will list all the files present on that drive you are driving, if you find any of the files listed above just delete it by typing del '' followed by the full file name followed by the command attrib ” .

Once the command process is complete, browse the USB drive and remove any unknown files you can find. When all operations are completed, you will find that all recovered files are saved on the USB drive in the newly created folder.

The command will then double check your USB and convert the link files to regular files.

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data

When you try to open a file called shortcut.exe, you activate a second file that will spread further across your pc. Once you press on this shortcut file, it makes a copy of the original files and folders and then replicates itself, creating more viruses on your PC. If we talk about the latter, then it’s a virus that puts the file it’s looking for in a hidden folder and operates from a file called shortcut.exe.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Using CMD

When the USB drive is infected with a virus, several shortcut viruses, specifically 1kb shortcut virus, completely files and folders will show the shortcut, once you double clicking the shortcut, the virus hidden as a .vbs file will start executing.

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How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus Permanently from USB and PC

How to remove virus without deleting files? This shortcut virus does not have an ideal origin; the shortcut virus can get into PC, laptop, flash drive, flash drive, SD card from the Internet, browser, third party software, etc. Below are the main sources of PC infection from link virus. The methods below help to remove virus shortcut forever and work efficiently on storing devices, flash drives, usb devices, hard drives, sd cards, windows 8/8.1/7/xp pc/laptops, windows 10.

These link files affect physical data transfer devices such as pen drive, usb flash drive, memory card or sd card, external hard drive, etc. in addition, through these physical devices, the virus is transmitted to extra computers and twitches contaminating them. Shortcut virus is very irritating, if your pc, laptop or drive has a shortcut virus, all significant folders and files are altered into shortcut folders then shortcut files taking place your pc/laptop or flash drive.

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How to Remove autorun.inf Virus from USB Using CMD

How to remove autorun virus from pc? You must have encountered a VIRUS that creates an executable file on your usb drive called new folder.exe. you can effortlessly recognize a virus named newfolder.exe or regsvr.exe by the presence of the autorun.inf file on your flash drive. When we open a USB drive, viruses usually put THEIR FACTS IN THE AUTORUN.INF FOLDER THEN automatically run from there.

The antivirus will automatically delete the second file from your flash drive, and if the antivirus does not, it will first ask for your permission.

If the drive becomes infected another time then once again, following the above method, just install an antivirus and run a startup scan, which will remove all malware on startup.

How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data? After performing method 1, if you have antivirus software installed, run a full scan to remove any viruses affecting your PC files. Its use is one of the best, with a 95% chance of eliminating the infection. You can use the best antivirus software to check and clear or format the drive for infected files.

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