How to Setup Instant Indexing Wordpress Plugin by Rank Math

How to Setup Instant Indexing WordPress Plugin by Rank Math 2023

How to Setup Instant Indexing WordPress Plugin by Rank Math? Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to set up instant indexing in WordPress. Download the plugin.

Download the Google Indexing API plugin for WordPress from the Rank Math website here and activate it.

How to Setup Instant Indexing WordPress Plugin by Rank Math Tutorial

Using the Google Search Index API with the Instant Indexing plugin will help you get your articles or posts indexed in minutes. Because the Instant Indexing Plugin uses the google indexing api to New Blog Post directly to the google search engine, content is indexed and ranked faster, making your content visible in the google search quickly than traditional sitemap submission.

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How to Use Google Instant Indexing API in WordPress 2023

When you post new blog post or update existing blog post on your wordpress website, The google instant indexing plugin sending a crawl request to google search engine using indexing api.

How to Setup Instant Indexing WordPress Plugin in WordPress Website? To get some projects first in the Google index, I am using rank math wordpress plugin with the instant indexing plugin. For configuring the instant indexing plugin you need to enter the key which you created in step 2.In field of input and just select the type of post you need to enable for automatically update to the Google Instant Indexing API.

Publish/update the page once using Google Search Console, then you can using the get status action in that console option. SELECT “Publish Google Update URL” and click “Submit to API” after entering the above URL.

Setup Google Indexing API in WordPress with Rank Math

To submit, stay with “Math Rating” just goto the dashboard of wordpress and select “console” tab next to the setting above. Now click on the service tab created with three dots in action on the right side of the page. When you click the “Create” button, it will automatically download to your system.

You will now create your service account, which is normally available for indexing automatically. you need to using the service account email ID in the Google Search Console as a user and grant ownership of your WordPress site. Yes, yor are allowed to using the same projecct service account and key of api for multiple sites, just make sure you set the service account as the owner of all sites in Google Search Console.

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To enable it, you will want the console of google api, with that you will create the corresponding project. After setting up the API, submit requests to Google in just a few clicks. If you want to USE the api of indexing, You just need to simply install it on wordpress like you would any other plugin.

In our testing, we found that the Google Indexing API WordPress works well for any type of website, so we created this plugin for testing purposes.

The increase will definitely help you rank your articles in the SERPs if you have good on-page SEO. Thanks to the rank math seo for wordpress plugin “GOOGLE INDEXING API”, And this Rank Math Tutorial 2023 we put together for you, your site can now rank faster. As you know.

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How to Use Rank Math in WordPress 2023

Rank Math has a preview feature so you can see how your site will look on Google. You can start using it today and make your website optimized and efficient. The next feature of Rank Math is that Rank Math for Blogger is free and you will use all of its SEO optimization features, where you may need to purchase a premium version from Yoast to use the same features as Rank Math.

If you want to install the Rank math Google Indexin API Plugin on your wordpress website, You need to easily set it up using the setup wizard and set it up step by step. Note that you must creating a google console project previously a google console before you can follow this Rank Math Tutorial.

After installing this plugin, Just goto the option in left sid “RANK MATH and then select INSTANT INDEX SETTINGS IN the WordPress admin area and Google API Settings tab, and Upload the Json File You Downloaded or just paste the content of the JSON file. By using the main navigation in menu (Clicking on thehamburger icon), CLICK APIs and Services, Library, search for the Indexing API, click it in the search results and enable it.

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How You Can Get Google To Crawl Your Website Instantly Using Rank Math Instant Indexing Plugin

The index may take some time, so you need to waiting for good ranking and traffic. Numbers of bloggers have ghad problems indexing our site, but now it’s time to say goodbye to this problem with Instant Indexing for Google plugin based on ranking math. Indexing your website and pages in the Google search console is a must in the era and if you can’t index your post it’s useless for your time.

How to Setup Rank Math Plugin in WordPress Website? Whether you’ve updated a post or want to share breaking news, you’re depending on Google to quickly index your content. It is very important for your new content to gets CRAWLED/INDEXED quickly, and it is equally important that your already published content is also updated on Google.

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WordPress Index Plugin: The API officially supports pages containing structured data about jobs and live streams and is recommended for use only on these websites. Google Google, among other things, RECOMMENDS USING THE API ONLY searches and live streaming.

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