How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox

How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox 2023

How to stop websites from opening new tabs firefox ? When you close a tab, Firefox opens a new one. This is handy when you are using a touch interface, or for faster-loading websites. In Windows 8 and 10, closing a tab in Firefox automatically opens the next tab in the new tab switcher (the Task View applet), while keeping the previous tab open in your browser’s address bar.

But with Edge, it doesn’t open the next tab in the address bar. You have to dismiss the new tab window manually, either by clicking the new tab you want to close, or tapping the browser’s button to the right of the address bar. It’s tedious, and after a few tabs, it’s easy to forget that the old tab is still open, and to close it without thinking.

How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox: Here Are The Solution

With either Edge or Firefox you can minimize the tabs you have open to the browser’s taskbar. Doing so in Firefox, of course, deletes the current tab from your open tabs. But when the new tab window is minimized to the taskbar, the old tab stays in the address bar. Tabs in the taskbar stay in your address bar indefinitely, so clicking the link in the address bar opens the current tab.

  • This is a pain point for me, and a problem that needs to be fixed.
  • In the past I have tried to deal with this problem by closing the tabs in the taskbar.
  • But Firefox offers no way to do this automatically, so every time I have closed all the tabs in the taskbar, I have to dismiss the tab again to move it to the taskbar.
  • I am sure there is a way to do this in Firefox, because Mozilla has done it before.
  • The solution that works for me is to put the “Enter” button for opening a new tab in the URL bar, rather than the address bar.
  • The button looks like a bookmark and comes up at the same time as the search button.
  • Some websites don’t use WebKit, the rendering engine used in Safari and Google Chrome, but use Blink, which is the rendering engine used by Chrome and Edge. Below are the steps on How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox.
  • Firefox has always used the Ctrl-K, Alt-K buttons to open a new tab, but for some reason, Microsoft has chosen to stick with the toolbar button.
  • The problem, of course, is that to the left of the button are three buttons used to quit and close tabs. It is easy to forget that the button on the URL bar can also be used to open a new tab.

Anyway, Ctrl-K, Alt-K (or Ctrl-K, Alt-Shift-K) is how you open a new tab in Windows 10 and 8. You’ll find Ctrl-K, Alt-K in the URL bar by clicking the tab, and clicking the browser’s button to the right of the address bar.

Here is The Video Tutorial On How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox

Snapping is my favorite way to close a tab in Firefox. To snap a tab, you can click and drag the tab to the left or right of the window.

If you drag the tab off the left side of the window, then the new tab appears in the Task Switcher.

The new tab is always a thumbnail of the old tab, so it is easy to tell which tab is open. If you click on the new tab in the task switcher, then the new tab opens in the new tab window.

Unfortunately, Microsoft, not being Microsoft, chose to stick with the toolbar button in the Task Switcher, while Mozilla uses the left side of the URL bar.

Snapping is a lot easier in the address bar, because it is one button, and you can see and interact with the new tab as it comes up.

I hop you like the tutorial on How to Stop Websites from Opening New Tabs Firefox, Overall, I find Firefox’s experience more enjoyable. I’ve had more of these problems in Edge, and in some cases, it was just a matter of getting used to the way the new tab switcher works.

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