PSAC Strike Causes Uncertainty for Immigration Applications in Canada

The ongoing Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike is having far-reaching effects on Canada’s immigration system. With the strike in its fourth week, many immigration applicants are facing uncertainty as their applications are being delayed. In this article, we will explore the impact of the PSAC strike on Canada’s immigration system and what it means for applicants.

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The PSAC strike began on March 22, 2023, with more than 140,000 federal public service workers across Canada participating. The strike is over issues such as pay equity, work-life balance, and job security. While the strike has affected various sectors, its impact on Canada’s immigration system is significant.

Impact on Immigration Applications:

With the strike, there has been a significant backlog in processing immigration applications. This means that many applicants are facing delays in obtaining their immigration status, work permits, or visas. The strike has affected various immigration streams, including family sponsorship, skilled workers, and business immigration.

Furthermore, the strike has caused uncertainty for many applicants who have already submitted their applications. They are unsure when they will receive a decision or if their applications will be affected by the strike. This uncertainty is causing anxiety and stress for many applicants who are eager to start their new lives in Canada.

Possible Solutions:

To address the backlog of immigration applications, the Canadian government has announced that it will be hiring additional staff to help with processing. However, it is unclear when these new hires will be able to start work, given the ongoing strike.

In the meantime, the Canadian government has advised applicants to be patient and to check their application status regularly. The government has also assured applicants that their applications will not be negatively impacted by the strike and that they will receive decisions as soon as possible.


The ongoing PSAC strike is having a significant impact on Canada’s immigration system. With delays in processing and uncertainty for applicants, it is important for the Canadian government to address the backlog as soon as possible. In the meantime, applicants should stay informed and be patient as they await their immigration status. We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the impact of the PSAC strike on Canada’s immigration system.

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