SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Answers

SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Answers 2023

SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Answers 2023 : 100% Free Updated SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Answers Questions and Answers. Guaranteed Pass with High Score.

SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Answers 2023

This exam to check your SEMrush SEO Crash Exam to check your skills and confirm how you have figured out how to improve and advance your image on the web. Read More On SEMrush Certification Answers.

SEMrush SEO Crash Exam Details:

  • Name of Exam: SEMrush SEO Crash Exam
  • You will be asked 9 questions.
  • You are allowed 20 minutes for the exam.
  • To pass the exam, you need to score at least 70%.
  • The exam and certification are 100% free.
  • You can immediately retake the exam.
  • Exam URL:

SEMrush Rank Tracking Test Questions and Answers

Q1. What are the 3 “key ranking factors” that Google uses in their algorithm?

Answer: 1) Authority 2) Usefulness 3) Relevancy

Q2. Why is keyword research considered the “most important” part of SEO? Choose two answers.

Answer: 1) Keywords impact nearly every other SEO task. 2) Keywords give you insight into your customers.

Q3. What are “seed keywords”?

Answer: Keywords that you enter into keyword research tools

Q4. Which are the 3 main factors that go into choosing a keyword?

Answer: 1) Competition 2) Revenue potential 3) Search volume

Q5: Which types of keywords should new websites focus on?

Answer:Low-competition keywords

Q6. What makes the Expanded List Post unique?

Answer:Includes lots of details and steps

Q7. Which strategies can help with your on-page SEO? Choose three answers.

Answer: 1) Optimizing your site’s user experience (UX) 2) Using internal linking 3) Using internal linking

Q8. What are the 3 main features of a “quality backlink”?

Answer: 1) Editorially placed 2) Relevancy 3) Website and page authority

Q9. Which SEO metrics are important to track? choose four answers.

Answer: 1) Keyword rankings 2) Clicks and impressions 3) Organic traffic 4) Organic traffic

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