Sites That Pay You For Used Books

Top 10 Sites That Pay You for Used Books – Sell Books for Cash

Sites That Pay You for Used Books : Let’s kick it off with this because there are so many reasons that people can end up with an abundance of books. Some of us are avid bookworms and others still are students and ex-students who have ended up with old textbooks.

Sites That Pay You for Used Books

Earn Money From Used Book Online : Before you think about selling any of your books, though, you should ask yourself if it is something you can honestly see yourself rereading. While I’m all for selling your books, some are personal must-haves! Whether for rereading or lending out.

Here Is The List of Top 10 Websites That Pay You For Used Books

  1. Book Scouter:

This is the First Sites That Pay You for Used Books They have an ISBN-based appraisal engine like some of the other options on this list, but what makes them specialist the fact that they cross-check against dozens of other buyback sites and pinpoints the one that will offer the most for your business. Then they send you a prepaid shipping label, and it’s on its way. In case you’re wondering, BookScouter makes their money by affiliation. That is to say, they make their money by directing business to the other sites, so you don’t need to worry about them trying to make a cut off of you– your business is enough.

  1. Sell Back Your Book:

This is the second Sites That Pay You for Used Books This is a website that will buy your books as well as paying for your shipping. They’re pretty straightforward: just enter your ISBN and away you go! Pays out via check or Paypal, with each pay cycle occurring every few days.

  1. eCampus

This is the third Sites That Pay You for Used Books : eCampus is a bit unique here due in part to its university-focused business model. While there are other used textbook buyers, this one is unique because it accepts ‘marked’ books as well, which means that you can sell those books that you took the highlighter to! This expands their market and allows more people to sell books than is otherwise possible. Not to mention the thoughts that come to mind of “The Half-Blood Prince!”

  1. Powell’s Books

This is the Fifth Sites That Pay You for Used Books : In stark contrast to eCampus, Powell’s Books is a service that is very picky about the condition of the books that they buy. First, you put your ISBN into the text field and check whether or not they want the book. If they do, then the book will need to be in near-perfect condition. No word on whether or not you are eligible for free shipping, though the general consensus is that you’ll make the most money selling books in good condition this way.

  1. SellBackBooks

This is the Fifth Sites That Pay You for Used Books : Not to be confused with “Sell Back Your Book” mentioned above, this is a site with a similar name and a similar function. Whereas some sites ask you to wait for a buyer to agree to purchase your book, this one is purchased direct-from-seller and will allow you to send you books off as soon as you can print your prepaid shipping label.

Payment is sent straight to your bank account. Like many of the other sites on the list, they will allow you to search by ISBN.


There isn’t too much t say about KnetBooks that can’t be said about the other sites, but they do provide a perfectly solid service. If you’re in need of textbook rentals, they offer those as well.

  1. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is another of the college-centric sites on the list, and offers sales and rental services like KnetBooks. Somewhat similar to Powell’s Books in that they have a strict criteria for the condition that they will accept books
in. However, if you do turn in a book in very good condition, then you can expect to fetch a pretty decent price for it.

  1. CKY Books

I’ve got a few good things to say about CKY Books. For one, they buy direct from you, which means no hassle of waiting for a reseller. They will handle the shipping costs themselves, which is always a good thing, and most
importantly, they accept just about any type of book. So whether it’s a religious book, a political book, fiction, nonfiction, they’ll probably accept it. You can choose to get paid out by check or by PayPal, depending on your

  1. Textbook Buyer

A site that does right what it says on the tin. Textbook Buyer is a service that wants you old textbooks, and they’ve established a pretty fair reputation after a decade of business. While you’ll see a lot of talk of prompt payout, good
prices, and prepaid shipping on this list, it at least means something that these guys have managed to keep their business going for over 10 years with their methods. A good choice for those of us who particularly like businesses with a good reputation.

  1. Paperback Swap

Another site that does what it says in the name! Paperback Swap, true to form, allows you to swap paperbacks with other users. Now I’m sure you’ll have a couple questions when you hear that. For one, yes, it is technically a free service– though you’ll need to purchase a membership if you want to regularly swap out books. If you’re wondering how to handle shipping, it’s a “sender pays” system. So when you mail out a book, you pay, but when someone mails one to you, they pay. There is a ‘swap-out credit’ system, which basically means that once you ship a book to someone, you receive a credit that allows you to request a book from someone else.

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