Sites That Pay You To Do Data Entry

Top 18 Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry – Earn Easy Money Online

Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry : In this article, I will be listing data entry jobs as well as some other data entry-like jobs. Most of these don’t require any particular skills, but some will, such as the transcription websites. I’ll provide a reference to what type of websites they are, so you can choose the ones that fit your needs. Just in case you aren’t familiar with these terms, here’s a quick rundown.

Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry

Websites that pay for data entry : Data Entry means you’ll be taking information from one place and writing it somewhere else. Micro Tasks are various small tasks that need doing, like writing descriptions for images or tagging content as appropriate or inappropriate. Transcription is listening to audio and writing down a record of what it says.

Here Is The List Of Websites That Pay for Data Entry

1. Amazon mTurk – Data Entry, Micro Tasks, Transcription

First Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, The big daddy of all micro task/data entry sites, Amazon mTurk dominates the competition in terms of job availability. Pay notwithstanding, there is always work available on mTurk. The issue with this is that there is no guarantee that you’ll be paid well for working on mTurk. There are goodpaying jobs, for sure, but it’s total chance whether or not you find them in time. If you’re more of a number-cruncher, you can try to take hundreds of tiny jobs and complete them in a hurry, so that the cash adds up. If you can accomplish that, you might be awarded Master status, which will open up access to better, higher-paying jobs.

mTurk is a perfectly viable option for getting into the online working, and I’d recommend at least giving it a shot. But you probably won’t be making full-time wages, so you’ll want to keep your eyes on greener pastures.

2. Clickworker – Data Entry, Micro Tasks

Second Websites that pay for data entry, Clickworker could be compared to mTurk, in some ways. They have the micro task jobs, as well as various odd jobs like surveys and data entry. The biggest difference here is that Clickworker is based in Germany, whereas mTurk is only available to US residents (though US residents can also use Clickworker.) Clickworker pays out to PayPal, and they are also part of the UHRS network. If you want to make money with Clickworker, it is highly recommended to try to get accepted to the UHRS program.

3. Lionbridge – Data Entry, Transcription, Translation, Micro Tasks

Third Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, Another big name in the micro task world, Lionbridge is another website that is affiliated with the UHRS network. Be careful, because once you sign up for one uHRS site, you can’t sign up with a different one! So read through all the options and go for the one that works best for you. Whether users choose Clickworker or Lionbridge is usually a matter of preference, but generally speaking, Lionbridge seems to have more tasks available. I couldn’t find the definitive word on whether or not Lionbridge was internationally available, but since they claim to be “global solutions” and offer translation, I’d have to think that they are.

4. DiodData Solutions – Data Entry, Transcription

Fourth Websites that pay for data entry, To join up with DionData, you’ll need to have at least a 60wpm tying speed and be capable of performing general functions on a computer like composing email and navigating through websites. If you can pass through these requirements, DionData will give you tasks with deadlines that you’ll be responsible for meeting. If you can handle managing your projects like that, this is a great option for making some money.

5. Axion Data Services – Data Entry

Fifth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, A third entry for actual data entry jobs, Axion hires their data entry workers on a contractual basis, so you might look at this as something similar to a seasonal job. After you apply, they’ll keep your application on file and contact you whenever the need for a data entry worker has come up.

The requirements for working for Axion are few, but you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, typing skills, and a relatively new operating system (as long as it is still supported by the company, it’s fine.) Unfortunately, they won’t hire anyone with a criminal record, so you won’t be able to apply if you have one.

6. VirtualBee – Data Entry

Sixth Websites that pay for data entry, Once known as Key For Cash, VirtualBee is the new face of this well-established data entry business. Unlike Axion which will keep your application on file indefinitely, these guys will contact you in two months or less if they want your services. They’re hiring year-round, but you’ll get the highest chance of finding work around tax season (for obvious reasons.)

7. Working Solutions – Call Center , Data Entry

Seventh Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, If you want to work from home, this is another company that gives you that option. If you aren’t capable of meeting the computer-intensive work of some of the other companies, there is call center work available from these guys (mostly for US residents.). Data entry positions should be available internationally, though, so our international readers will still have a chance to get work through this company.

8. Scribie – Transcription

Eighth Best Data Entry Sites to Earn Extra Cash, If you prefer to do a typing task like transcription as opposed to data entry, look no farther than Scribie. Their rate is that you can make a dollar per 6 minutes of audio transcribed (a minimum of $10 per audio hour.) It’s true that it takes longer than 6 minutes to transcribe 6 minutes of audio, but that’s still not a bad rate.

The good news is that you can decide your own hours, so you can take these tasks at your own pace.

9 AccuTran Global – Transcription

Nineth Online Data Entry Job Sites, AccuTran is another transcription service, and they’re looking for transcriptionists with experience. They do employ globally, but not completely internationally; they’ll hire US, UK, and Canadian applicants. You might be able to get in even if you’ve never done transcription before, but you’ll need to really slam the entry test.

The best thing about AccuTran is that they don’t pay by the audio-hour. Payment by audio hour can be good, but if you type slowly, it won’t add up to much money. Instead, AccuTran pays by-word. This will help make sure you’re getting the fairest wage.

10. Clark Fork Communications – Trancription, Data Entry

Tenth Trusted Websites for Data Entry Jobs, These guys will occasionally offer data entry, but they’re mostly a transcription company. They hire transcriptionists of all types, but they do prefer if you have experience, particularly in legal transcription.

11. QuickTate and iDictate – Transcription

Eleventh websites that pay you for data entry, While they are technically two different services, QuickTate and iDictate are owned by the same company. They prefer that their transcriptionists be bilingual (in English and Spanish, particularly) but it isn’t necessary. iDictate has a higher rate of pay, and they’re technically the larger of the two companies. QuickTate is the secondary service, so you should look for work on QuickTate only if you can’t find the work on iDictate.

12. Speak Write – Typing

A more general ‘typing’ company than just transcription, Speak Write is looking to hire people for actual job positions. It will mean all of the things that a normal job application will entail, a resume and a background check, but you can get a typing job if you are accepted.

It’s important to note that they are specifically looking for people with legal experience, so if you have a background in that, it will really help your odds.

13. Vitac – Captioning

Thirteenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry , The lone captioning service on this list, Vitac is a company that pays you to put captions into videos. This is something of a transcription job, though it does require a bit more skills than that (since you have to put the captions in.) Since this is an audio-visual job, you’ll need a capacity for detail, as well as a fairly quick typing speed and good grammar. Captioning tends to pay better than transcription, though, so you’ll gain something in return for the extra work.

14. Megatypers – Micro Tasks

Fourteenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry You are probably familiar with captcha codes, the word-images that you have to enter to pass many websites’ security checks. Well Megatypers is a site that will pay you in return for doing captchas. They don’t pay too much for it, but it’s as easy as it comes and you can choose your own hours.

15. Short Task – Micro Tasks, Data Entry

Fifteenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, Short Task is more of a micro task site than a data entry site, but they will offer both types of work. One of the things that makes these guys a good option is that they are willing to pay to PayPal or to bank account, depending on your preference. So you can avoid any inconvenient transfers like you get with Amazon mTurk.

16. Xerox – All positions

Sixteenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, Xerox is the surprise wildcard entry to finish out this list. Believe it or not, Xerox employs a lot of remote workers and they are hiring for virtually all positions (everything from customer service workers to software developers!) If you are willing to go looking for a real job you can do from home, don’t forget to look into Xerox. This giant company is one of the largest remote worker employers around.

17. Capital Typing

Seventeenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry , This South Carolina-based company is always on the look out for data entry keyers, transcriptionists, and customer support positions.

18. Speakwrite

Eighteenth Sites That Pay You to Do Data Entry, This company usually engages writers on a contract basis. All residents of the United States and Canada are welcome to apply. It is highly popular in continental America; so they tend to keep a big database of job applicants. And they may review your application from time to time, make sure that you follow up with the company if it represents so much appeal to you.

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