Top 5 Modern Web Design Trends For 2023

Top 5 Modern Web Design Trends For 2023

Top 5 Modern Web Design Trends For 2023: One of the best things about web design is that it evolves constantly. So, if you are thinking about the latest trends of web design in 2023, then you must know that the trends are all about rewiring the brain to look at the designs a bit differently.

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1. Vibrant formats of colors:

Since the inception of Material Design by Google in 2014, the boundaries of what web designers can actually do with colors has been pushed a lot. And now, the designers can even experiment further with the colors as well as with gradients, double exposure, photo saturation etc.

2. Rebellious choices of typography:

This rule is mainly established about the readability of the standard paragraph texts, which should not be broken ever. So, the header text, on the top of the home page, is a completely different story. So, the new changes in the styling of header text include:

• Oddly spaced
• Bolder
• Weirdly misshapen
• Transparent
• Haphazardly placed
• And who knows what other techniques the designers would come up

3. Experimental animation and video:

This is one of the latest trends in website design 2023 through which the designers would shake up the web design. And 2012 will bring more experimental use of explainer videos in the forms of particle backgrounds, cinemagraphs, augmented or virtual realities or animated thumbnail images.

4. Asymmetry:

Users are properly trained to understand how the websites actually work:

• Scroll down for further reading
• Use top navigation to find out other pages
• Click all colorful and flat buttons to get more details

This helps the designers to experiment with the grids and layouts while using asymmetrical balance and unexpected changes as the way to delight and surprise the users.

5. Micro interactions:

There is no need that the animation should be big and bold always. This is mainly the case as now according to the top web design trends in 2023 both typefaces and colors have become brasher and rebel against safer and more traditional norms.